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Custom Program Development and Management



Design and definition of a new program is the key to its success.  We have the industry experience you need to take your concept from great idea to revenue producing product.  We will work with you to define your program goals, create pricing models, implementation schema and timetables. A typical design process would include:   

  • Program definition
  • Financial modeling
  • Implementation strategies and timelines
  • Marketing materials and distribution methodologies


We will manage the implementation and delivery process for your program from Visa and issuing bank approval, card design and manufacturing, distribution, to reporting and reconciliation processes.  We can provide 24/7 toll-free Customer Service from our highly experienced Customer representatives.  Our web based service and support can also be included in your project.


Our technology provides secure, ultra-fast processing services. We are integrated with the processing networks for major credit cards and financial portals through First Data Services, a premier provider of database hosting services, network integration and web hosting. We will design and host your gateway web interface and provide bulletproof platform services.

Funds Management

The core of any prepaid card program is funds management. We provide electronic funds transfer, payroll, commission and direct deposit capabilities. For your reloadable programs we have web-based transaction tools which enable customers to load funds to their personalized cards in seconds.  We have reconciliation and reporting services to help you track and manage your program funds or we can do that for you.